Fixie TT

That’s a fixed gear S&S-coupled bike with aerobars … not only that, but check what’s going on with the front wheel. Mark V’s cadence on that is like a butterfly’s wings.

Fixie TT Bike


... with the requisite TT fender.


What a marvelous, terrifying way to go.  (I thought my fixie mountain bike was nutty.)

O’Grady did a grand tour prologue on a fixie TT a couple years ago and the Brits have a fetish for fixie TT…nothing new under the sun…

and I did some calculations on my cadence when we sprinted…180rpm…. butterflies don’t flutter like that!

O’Grady did the 1.1km Prologue in the Giro on a fixed gear.  It was down a ramp, dead straight, and hard.  He was money until about 800m when he pretty much spun out.

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