Fixed on Honolulu

Sunny day, 80 degrees, the beach, and a fixed gear …



As much as I hate NW winters, I can actually say that this week has been pretty good.  Thus I’m not that jealous of you, Byron, that you were riding in 80 degree weather.  However, next winter I am definitely going to the Hawaiian Islands…maybe the big island.

As much as I do agree with Mark about a good deal of things… I am jealous of you out there despite the great weather back in the Emerald City! Says whats up to the Islands for me

Jealous!  I’m getting sick of cold, grey days.  Drink a coconut for me.

No need for the jealous—that was a week of hard riding, less vacation. Eat, sleep, and ride. That shot was one of those, “right timing” and the lighting was perfect with the sun coming down.

Byron says don’t feel jealous because all he’s done is “eat, sleep, ride.” I think you’re just rubbin’ it in, man!

Naw . . . just saying that training hard isn’t for everyone.

I’ve showed up at Kona a couple times on a single.  Not bad if you stick along the coast, but a killer if you try to go straight up the hill instead.  Coming back down is sooooo worth it though.  Last time I went I brought a geared bike, and I think it was worth the extra hassle in packing it up.

Ha—gears are good for [Mr. Steepy]( in Maui. That climb I’ve climbed now 7 times and it doesn’t matter, I can never find the groove, as there isn’t one, it’s just 3 minutes of as “hard as you can go.”

Lance named it Mr. Steepy btw, and the name stuck. See [another view]( here and when we came down it this time, some riders were coming up, and had a look of “shock & awe” on their faces.

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