Fender Flaps: your bike’s fashion statement

UPDATE: Yeah - I’m recycling this post from last year. I had a co-worker tell me today that they came across this post so I thought I’d re-run it. I’m going to Lowe’s tonight to get new flap material. Seems I’ve worn a hole in my rear flap…

There’s been some comments around fenders lately. One of the most important aspects of a good fendering job is a solid buddy flap. The concept is - even with full fenders, your buddy riding behind you is probably getting a good stream of wet grit in their teeth. The buddy flap gives you more coverage leaving you friends dry and clean.

Buddy Flaps makes some pretty sweet custom flaps if there’s interest in showing off your “hugger” love.

What you make the flap from is tends to say a little but about you:

Leather flap Leather - “I’m a cowboy! Saddle up!”

Leather flap Semi Truck - “I ride so much that I need REALLY THICK rubber to hold back all the grit”

Leather flap Half Bottle - “I have so many bottles, yeah I’ve got one to waste to keep you clean”

Leather flap Leopard Print - “I like to party all the time”

Leather flap Duct Tape - “I only make a half effort for my friends because I know it’ll fall apart soon anyway”

Me - I use MP2x50 PVC Sump Pump Discharge Hose. You can get it by the foot at the hardware store and it lasts forever. What does that say about me?


I think that one says, all flash but no substance as it’s now low enough to keep the spray of your buddies face.

I started using stair tread. That thick vinyl that people use to portect and give traction on stairs. That stuff is money. Has just the right stiffness to flexibility ratio and is totally indestructable.

Fixed - That thing is pure sophistication!  It needs a matching leather handlebar bag, a Brooks saddle, and a guy wearing some sort of tweed outfit.

Also, should be noted Marcus above was the originator of the sump pump tube flap method. Also, of note, is that flaps should be speed rated to not fly off your fender at highway speeds when placed in a car bike rack.

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