Fast and Freezing

After a discussion, we agreed that a “fast and freezing” descent back home was better then the “slow and cold” longer way home. We wanted to get that ride over with … we got the turkey, fixins, and rather cold.



Nice, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget about the Buy Nothing Day ride at the Market Noon today. We’ll be there.

And you?

I hope your girls know they have the coolest dad, and the coolest ride!  When all their peers get fat and diabetic, I hope they’ll understand why they didn’t!

When my wife concieves (if?), I am going to have to get me something like that ride, or a bakfeits.

Well, it’s a mixture of “cool” and “don’t embarrass me,” but they do dig the Bettie.


I’m hangin’ with family this Friday.

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