Fair Weather Riders

FFTF loop Pam and I were disappointed that no one showed up on Sunday for a team ride at Espresso World in Richland, WA. We guessed that the few dark rain clouds either kept the Chinook Cycling Club at home on trainers or they rode mountain bikes.

Undeterred (coming from Seattle, we were relieved by the weather), we joked that the Chinook were fair weather riders and rode the FFTF loop, which was the Rad Road Race back in the day. The Hanford roads were quiet and we saw only one car. We headed back on Highway 240 with a strong sidewind and tempo pace.

While the Tri-Cities has changed so much since I lived there, and there are new sprawling housing developments in nearly every desert field or old orchard, there are also new bike lanes, paths, and even some bike art!


Wow!  When are we going to go over there for a weekend of wine-tasting and bike riding?  That looks perfect.

Fall would be best, it’s cooled down, the desert is colorful, and the grapes are being harvested. There are miles and miles of roads just like that, but note it’s all chip seal—so you’ll want thick tires and good shorts.

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