Facial Hair, Tweed, and Fixies in London

I confess, the connection between facial hair and fixies is a complete mystery to me. But fixies and tweed? That I get.


Dashing Tweeds & Huntsman originally uploaded by booksnake

Rob Nicholas aka spagettihoops originally uploaded by adam_scott

More from the London Fixed-gear and Single-speed Tweed Run on Adam Scott Photography and on Flickr.


We’re also doing our own Tweed Ride here in the states!

San Francisco Thursday Tweed Ride
Feb 12th

For more info, see http://catcubed.com/2009/01/28/thursday-tweed-ride-feb-12th/

Never again will I be a lycra apologist. You can criticize lycra all you want, but at the end of the day, for the return journey home, it is dry. How we look is subjective and irrelevant.

There are no lycra apologist here; quite the contrary and I don’t understand the absolutist opinions on either side. Why not benefit from technical fabrics, including wool. I travel with wool, ride it urban, and race and train hard in lyrca. The story of Mr. Denim is a good example . ..

> Pam and I were riding home and a commuter challenge occurred with a cyclist on an old Panasonic bike, dressed in denim and a cotton tee. It was mid summer, 80 degrees or so, and Mr. Denim rode as hard as he could to not only catch us, but blow past us in a flurry of old bike- crunching-gears, banging sounds, heavy-breathing, and sweat flying. Shortly thereafter, we passed the “denim one” and he was furiously ripping his shirt off and rolling up his pant legs with his face red from over-exerting himself. I thought, “if he’d have worn a fabric that not only breathed, but wicked, he could’ve set a Seattle commuter challenge record. We’d never have seen him again.”

Point is, why wear denim in the summer on a hard ride? And why not wear fabrics that are significantly better on the bike? Cause you’re making a statement? Then you, *plain-clothes cyclist*, are suffering for your own fashion.

Related point, why do messengers ride those ridiculously skinny bars? Oh sure, to squeeze by cars, as if they were previously riding 48cm-wide bullhorns . . .

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