Face Smashing Cop in Denver

I asked our Hugga in CO about the cop “smashing” a cyclist’s face and he found this YouTube video and local news report.

The detectives admit they punched, kicked and choked Heaney during the arrest. In police reports, the officers say they used excessive force because Heaney punched Cordova in the nose. Heaney denies he hit the officers.

Last month Fort Collins was in the news for tensions between cops and cyclists.

Editorial note: interesting coincidence to have two cop-related posts today. We hope that’s not a trend.


Try as we might, biking is always going to be a somewhat seasonal activity.  For most areas, news like this will most definitely taper off to a trickle between now and the last CX races of the year, then swing right back when the first crits of the spring start up.

Right—good point. As is the uptick in fatalities and accident. Not to make light of it at all, but is that an actual upward trend, or is it just more relevant on the news.

Wow that is tough to watch…

This year in CO has really been mellow compared to the northwest… we have been lucky.  Its just this redneck sheriff from the north that is barking… in the end no tickets have been issued this year, but he has barked a lot….






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