Evergreen MTB Fest with Mark V

29r in the trees

29r in the trees

The Evergreen MTB Fest is like a carnival, when you’re a kid, with lots to explore and ride. You go in thinking you’ll end up riding all of them, but end up picking a fav and sticking with it, over and over again. On the technical and flow trails, my fav is the Jamis 650b. The maneuverability of the wheel size and tire is why. A debate about wheel size choices doesn’t matter much when you’re having fun. An example of this is Mark V, who’s stature would suggest a 650b is the size for him, LOVED the 29r Spesh he was on. He’s building up a 650b cross bike and STILL loved it.

mark v mtb

Mark V MTB with a Stumpie FSR

The Evergreen MTB Fest is held at Duthie, a MTB park, and for more about the Jamis, and Raleigh see this post. Same bikes from last year, just incrementally updated.

650b in the trees

650b in the trees

Bikes ridden: Raleigh Talus, Jamis Dakar XCT 650 Pro, and Spesh FSR. High-rez photos on G+.


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