Even Lance has to deal with Assholes

The Astana Cycling Team had to deal with some aggressive driver, just like the rest of us. I’m a fan of the smile and a wave method of handling that stuff. It either disarms them…or makes them even more angy. Not much can be done that’s constructive in those cases. Some cagers are just born ass holes.

(Article from www.pressdemocrat.com)


I hate most of the comments on that story. Almost all of them go along the line, “Get off the road”.

Yeah, I’m about to suit up for a long ride and those comments on the article just made me shudder—apparently cyclists hog the road, are selfish, don’t pay taxes, don’t have schedules, and don’t work regular jobs and should not be allowed to use the roads.

I can’t believe even in the bay area, 20 people will show up to defend some jerk breaking basic traffic laws and endangering the lives of many people due to their disgust at having cyclists share the road with them.


The SeattlePI Sound Off forums are just as bad and why I didn’t link to them in our Kevin Black posts—same comments. I call them the PI Bike Haters club.

I can hardly read comment sections anymore on blogs and articles like that because of the complete ignorance of so many of the people who comment. It usually just serves to annoy me.

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