Eurobike this week

An event we plan on attending next year is Eurobike, a sprawling, massive, bike love-in that unlike Interbike is open to the public. Of course the bikesphere will blog it, including Treehugger, and manufactures like 3G, who market the Stepper, a stairmaster with wheels, bike, something, don’t really know … but following the links, I arrived at Randy Ross and then saw this stepper-thong video, and thought, “how did I get here?” Ah yes, the serendipity of the internet, much like finding odd things at a tradeshow.


Pure Marketing Genius, that video.  And what a bike friendly city having that shower to rinse off after a hard day of riding.

However, I think I might look stupid stepping down the street.  Especially in a thong.

It’s amazing isn’t it—there’s also the “dude” version.

I have to say that I was shocked and appalled by the stepper-thong video!  This young, healthy woman weaving in amongst traffic wearing nothing but a bikini top and a tiny, tiny thong…I mean, where is her helmet?!!!! By the sixth or seventh time watching it, I was really worked up about this issue.  I sincerely hope that I meet this woman someday so that I can have it out with her about using protection.

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