Early Shots from TrekWorld 2008


I didn’t go, but luckily the Interwebs are full of good pics. Photo Credit to Mark Stevenson by way of Richard Masoner


Photo credit should actually go to Mark Stevenson—I just posted his photos. THanks for the Flickr link/mention, though.

The District is a singlespeed belt drive bike.

Belt-drives my bike-huggin’ ass! Ok, just had to get that out there . . . I want to see a belt-drive survive a PNW winter, same with DA Electric—pouring rain, a river of rain running downhill and ride the belt drive up it, then we’ll talk. We need to do a bike design panel at an industry event sometime and challenge the designers to stop recycling old ideas and making them the “new, new.” Or to stop claiming they’ve got some amazing new way to lay up carbon and describe it with nonsense words that all mean: “lay carbon layers in a mold and press them into the mold with a bladder.” 

Anyway rant over and since we missed the TrekWorld El Ranchero memo, other bloggers posted on it.

* [Designs from Trek World 09](http://bicycledesign.blogspot.com/2008/08/designs-from-trek-world-09.html)
* [Gary Fisher El Ranchero Long Bike](http://urbanvelo.org/gary-fisher-el-ranchero-long-bike/)
* [Trek city and commuter bikes for 2009](http://commutebybike.com/2008/08/18/treks-belt-drive-bikes/)

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