Don’t call it a comeback: Lance Returns

Dont call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear

Que LL Cool J cause It’s official that Lance is returning to racing.

Readers? Why’s he back? Theories

  • Ego
  • To save Cycling
  • If Tyler can win USpro at 37, he can win it too!



I’ll believe it when I see it.

I hope he does come back though because it will almost certainly save the Tour de Georgia, one of the US races he is rumored to be doing next year. Otherwise that race will probably die from lack of funding/interest.

undetectable dope?  bored with hollywood starlets?  mad he can’t win offroad? 

and this stuff in the rumors about working for free. I don’t think so.

Possible reasons (from a peer poll… which isn’t exactly the same as a beer poll):

1. He is bored out of his mind.
2. The party celebutante dating pool is all dried up.
3. The drugs in LA aren’t as good as the drugs in Barcelona or Bruge.
4. Lance is a racer. It’s in his blood. he needs competition to feel whole.
5. He can’t move on to the next phase of his life.
6. Because he can make a comeback and actually win again.
7. Midlife crisis.
8. Because fresh endorsement deals would help pay for a new jet.
9. He figures Grand Tour cycling doesn’t have enough drama already.
10. To boost slipping sales of his Livestrong bracelet.
11. Because it would be great for the sport.

I hope that a) he can find a team and that b) Tour de France organizers don’t decide to shut him out the way they have shut out others before him (like Cippo, for starters).

he’s coming back for Can-suh!

He’s doing it to spite Levi.

JB is the last to know?

Who sez Astana even gets invited to the TdF, the French still hate him.

It’s still a team sport, what would motivate guys to work for him?

I think it’s Team Columbia—that’d make the most sense as Astana’s roster is set. I just can’t believe he could ride in a support role. And, honestly I forgot how much of a celebrity he is. Just look at the news coverage and the watercooler talk and that’s good for the sport and industry. We need Lance.

I guess I just assumed that it would be Astana, but I guess every team is pulling out the stops to get a grand tour invite now.  The top teams decided to dissove the ProTour, but I don’t think they realized they were writing their own death sentences.  At this point I’m not even sure CSC will survive without a Columbia/Astana-style relaunch, and I don’t just mean new title sponsorship (though that is going to happen).

If Lance is riding with Astana, there’s going to be one pissed off Levi Leipheimer, but the guy only has himself to blame—as a rider he is almost the same climbing/time trialing freak, but he just won’t attack when it matters in the bigger races.

and let’s not forget that Lance’s team shut down after failing to find a sponsor and he left the sport.

folks, Lance has way too many shares in TREK to go anywhere but Astana or Columbia goes TREK. But that guy IS TREK, guess why Lemond is stuck in legal shit up to his knees.

The line “How’d you like to sit on the lap of a seven time Tour de France winner?” wasn’t pulling the Olsen twin generation anymore.

Super-President Armstrong!

I read somewhere that he’d put in a call to the French president if the TdF won’t have him. I can’t wait to see this unfold.

Columbia is on Scott bikes for ‘09.  No chance of Lance going there.

My guess was a new “Lance” line of bikes under the Trek brand for Astana next year :).

This is all very exciting—I don’t watch those shows, but there must be headlines on E! and ET about this. Who’s the camera going to cut to for nervous looks in 09? Kate Hudson, the Olsens, Giselle, the cute Bettie from Project Runway? who?

Sally Jenkin’s has [got some insight]( and she’s thinking a new team, like the old team—

Astana rebranded as Team LiveStrong. Remember you heard it here first!

Nah - no Lance bikes in the pipeline. All the Lemon(d) stuff is rebranded as Fisher for 2009. Or at least what i heard from trekworld.

I dont know about theories behind the comeback but there were some funny ones mentioned by the Bee

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