Donkelope Bike with Pump

Integrated racks, swept-back bars, discs, lights, leather saddle, honjo fenders, muted paint – all the urban-bike prerequisites are checked off with this Donkelope bike, except for that pump. Custom builders usually paint pumps to match frames or expect the owner to attach a mini-pump to the bottle cage mounts that’ll require 300 forearm-straining strokes to get 72 PSI.

Having used a Biologic Zorin Postpump with our Dahons during our Mobile Social Worldwide, I wish they’d license that technology and I could have a seat pump on my rain and touring bikes.

There’s no consumer truth-in-pumping requirement and minipumps manufactures will promise you pumping power. They’re lying. A pump no bigger than a lipstick case will NOT inflate your road tire. Minipumps do not pump well. In the Northwest, most cyclists I ride with have given up on minipumps and carry Co2.

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Speaking of which, what’s your favorite frame pump? I’m getting a custom DeSalvo road bike built up and getting a pump peg included. It’s been so long since I’ve used anything but minipumps (agreed on the ‘ugh’ factor) or C02, that I don’t know what’s good or available.


I use Zefal x 4—72 pumps gets you ~ 100 PSI. The problem is with sloping or compact geometries, pumps don’t fit. My newer bikes are all sloping, so are the bikes of the cyclists I ride with and why we’re all using Co2. That’s driven by the time it takes to get an insufficient inflate. 40 degrees and raining, at 2 hours into a 4 hour ride, you don’t want to stand around fighting with a pump.

Most cyclists I know despise CO2 and mini/micropumps and carry a Topeak Road Morph G.

It’s a phenomenal pump, small enough to fit in any pannier, mess bag or backpack, attachable to the frame (although I don’t recommend that, the hose tends to come loose from the clip and wongle around). Very capable of getting a tire up to 130 psi or higher. It is the only pump I used for nearly a year, before I finally got around to buying a floor pump.


It is a little big to carry in a jersey pocket, although I’ve seen people doing it.

Yeah, but all the mini-pumps are pitched as the mini-pump that doesn’t suck.  You want to believe that there’s a cheaper, less wasteful, equally effective way to get it done.

In about 3000 city miles of commuting every year, I do OK with the Quicker Pump.  It’s a fixed head, the pump action is goofy, and probably sucks to get up to 100psi, but it does all right for getting me to 70 without a fight, the once or twice I need it in that timeframe.

Road Morph G is good, but with an odd attachment method as you note. So where’s a roadie going to carry it? Again, why Pac Northwest cyclists are opting for Co2. And to be more specific, I’m talking training rides. For my urban bikes, I’ve got pumps in either my pack or bags, but not for the road bike out on a long ride.

My wife has that Topeak pump and really likes it. She carries it on our long touring rides.

My preference is to avoid flats all together. So, I use the Schwabe Marathoner Plus tires. They’re heavy for sure. But, I went 4,000 miles with them before my first flat.

I’m definitely not the racing type! I care much more about comfort than speed. When I look at the Donkelope bike, I’m thinking about it as around town transportation. I’d imagine if it were mostly intended for longer fast rides, it would have lighter fenders on it at a minimum. If it were mine, the seating position would be more upright (am I going to get expelled from this site yet?!).

I think the bike is just pretty. I also like the carrying capacity. It looks like something you could take to the grocery store. Something that would be stylin’ on a date night. Or, something that you could go on a longer tour ride with when you wanted to. I’m not sure if it’s what I’d want to ride to a business meeting.

It’s not the bike for me. But, I can imagine most of my friends drooling over it.

I wonder how it would have done if I brought it with me to the grocery store this day:

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