DKNY Neon Orange Bikes

In time for Fashion Week in NYC are these DKNY Neon Orange Bikes … noted on

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The Neon Orange bikes are part of DKNY’s efforts to support cyclists and include a custom folding bike sweepstakes.

Photo posted to Flickr by SINCEAGAIN.


if they mean to refer to ghost bikes it seems tacky to say the least.

If you see a DKNY-branded bicycle that you would like to see unlocked, please email the bike’s location to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We will forward bike locations to the appropriate authorities.


this is a nice thing.  go to they seem to care about bike safter for the city.


Orange is def the spring color—you can see it in catalogs with an increasing amount of bike imagery (there’s a new XC90 commercial featuring “danskin Mom”). And you may remember the “fishing lure” orange from back-in-the day—Specialized had a carbon-tube, aluminum lugged back that was as orange as it gets, and the ugliest bike they ever made!

Bill & Chris,

Whether intentional or not, there’s a ghost bike influence, but that’s probably because the bike in the photo is locked; they’re not supposed to be, as LBV notes. The lock also rubs off the neon orange.


That’s right, check the [details online](



There are two at 9th Avenue and 14th Street. Thankfully they have been vandalized!

Wow it really looks like crap.

If you are going to encourage cyclists, please encourage them to follow traffic rules on the streets of Manhattan!

Hey Judith - we’re with you.  While road laws aren’t designed with the cyclist in mind, we should still be playing by the rules:

One of many
previous posts on the issue.

someone cut one in half and put it in the trash. well done.

A fashion backlash? A hatred of orange or that it’s DKNY? Or that it’s too similar to Ghost Bike?

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