Design the Ordinary, Like this Fixie

I presented Design the Ordinary, Like this Fixie with @ktamura @mixevent today.

IMG_0225 (1).jpg

A fixie is used as a prop in the talk because it represents a simple, ordinary bike that serves a specific function. Fixies were made from parts bin by cyclists and I asked what if websites were like that? What if we made them as simple as possible to just deliver content like a messenger with packages.

Specialized provided us Globe Rolls for the talk. I’m riding one of them around Vegas later today.


Thanks? There are some presentations where you can learn a lot or get an idea of how the talk went by just looking at the slides. This is not one of them.

No it’s not. Those slides are guideposts along the way of the talk. I’ll write more about this later and on TDI or another design site. Posted here because it’s bike related.

We definitely prescribe more to the Tufte way of using slides. They serve as sign post and props for what we are talking about and not a substitute for the content. It keeps our talks loose and allows us the flexibility to have the audience interact with us on the spot rather than wait for Q&A. I find this approach much more useful when talking about ideas and concepts.

Besides if you can get all the info from a slide deck then what’s the point on taking the time to hear someone speak.

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