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“I ride my bike almost every day here in New York. It’s getting safer to do so, but I do have to be fairly alert when riding on the streets as opposed to riding on the Hudson River bike path or similar protected lanes.”

The media and positive reviews of the Bicycle Diaries continue with a Weekend Edition Sunday story today on NPR. Earlier this week, we attended the Seattle stop of a tour for the bike book. Unlike the usual book tour, David focused the event on advocacy with a civic leader, an urban theorist, a bicycle advocate, and himself each giving 10 minute presentations. byrne_bicycle_diaries.jpg


That comment begs the question, “What, exactly, is the problem with being alert while riding a bike?”  It also suggests, “Are you sure you don’t have to be alert while riding a bicycle on a bike path or protected lane?”

That’s an except from a longer introduction and the point is we need more liveable cities like those David Byrne has ridden in Europe and elsewhere. Who wouldn’t agree with that? Or cities that are built around people and not cars. To the point of alertness, absolutely less. We’ve written here about “staying the line” around corners and so on. One of the fallacies of getting more people onto bikes is telling them how easy or simple it is. Unless you’re just riding around a city park, commuting and riding is not just a pleasure ride.

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