Dapper Cyclist from Olympia

While I don’t condone the no-hand, no-helmet move performed by this rider. I do genuinely like his bicycle fashions. It isn’t often, I’ll see a cyclist sporting a tie. Based on the post describing Vélocouture, I’ll be keeping an eye out for dapper clad cyclists and posting them from time to time.

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He’s got his eyes closed, listening to an iPod on what appears to be a busy street, isn’t wearing a helmet, and is riding with no hands. 

But he’s wearing a Dilbert shirt-and-tie combo so all is forgiven…

The point of this snapshot wasn’t to preach about this cyclists safety habits. (Which I recognize is clearly unsafe.)

While it isn’t novel to see a cyclist in a suit and tie in Europe, it is here. So I’m on the look out for fashionably dressed plain-clothes riders. This type of riding and clothing isn’t for everyone. However it does show that running errands, commuting, and other daily tasks can be easily executed on a bike in practical fashionable clothing. You can feel as comfortable off you bike as on it. You don’t need to take a car every time your destination is 2-4 miles away.

Certainly this particular rider is lacking common sense and good judgment by not wearing a helmet, and listening to an Ipod.

It looks like he’s air drumming as well :-)

> “It is better to look good than to ride safe.”

what is your problem with not having a helmet?!  Helmets are not safety!  It is not irresponsible or bad judgement to not wear a helmet - it is personal choice.

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