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Alfine Hub Byron will tell you that I NEED to have matched wheels. It’s a bit of an obsession, but I can’t help it. Anyway - I’ve been shopping for a good internal geared hub to run on my SS Cross bike. I’ve got black hubs - so I need black Internal gear setup. The only one I know of is the much sought-after, but non-US available Shimano Alfine group. I’ve found the disc compliant model (I don’t need disc) in some obscure German site - Alfine Hub in Black. With the weak dollar and that fact that my German sucks if something were to go wrong with the order - is it worth it? Anybody else got a lead?


I have a line on the Alfine group, not in black though.  I should arriving shortly.  I’ll let you know when I get it.

I can’t speak for the color choices, but I’m trying to decide between the Alfine disc and the SRAM i9 disc for my new Pugsley. 

It is a fairly theoretical debate for me right now, however, since neither of those hubs seem to be available on American shores.  If you get a line on a domestic source for Alfine hubs, I might also be tempted to jump in.

the bike-components.de homepage has a button for english. So poor german shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve bought a lot of stuff at that site. Not obscure at all :)

The button only sorta works for the page.  Then if you look at the terms is says that in case of a mis-understanding, the German wins.  Anyway, I think it only comes in a disc configuration, so I may be out of luck anyway.

From what I’ve heard, we’re not going to see Alfine in the US anytime soon.

you can buy an 08 bike here in the US that is spec’d with an Alfine groupo. The Bianchi Milano has it for 08.

Good news, but I don’t think any distributors have picked it up so that means no parts or buying it yourself. That could change of course.

I was able to order the Alfine stuff directly from Shimano USA for a mixte I recently built and all they had was the black stuff. Just about any local bike shop will have an account with Shimano USA. There are pics of the bike here


Thanks for the comment and that’s contrary to what some I’d heard. Interesting that distributor’s don’t have it, but Shimano USA does. My guess is that they didn’t think there was a market in the US.

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