Damien Hirst Butterfly Bike

Lance is riding the Damien Hirst bike into Paris. Nicknamed the Butterfly Bike, the specially-decaled Madone is part of the Stages series of bikes. Lance has ridden Art Bikes from Stages all year and will auction them with the proceeds benefiting Livestrong.

damien_hirst_bike.jpg Photo uploaded by bikes.trek. More Stages bikes on Flickr.

We posted on the Butterfly earlier in le Tour. This Art Bike is proving controversial with animal rights activists complaining about the dead butterflies used on the bike.

In the past, Damien Hirst has suspended a shark in formaldehyde.

“Hirst bred the butterflies, which were then killed and their wings glued to the hi-tech bike. – London Evening Standard


Ew. That’s gross and mean.

That’s part of Hirst’s art —there is irony that a Livestrong bike has dead butterflies on it, yes but the bike will raise millions for a charity that saves lives. So there’s a life cycle there or more likely Hirst just likes how butterflies look.

LIVEstrong making money off the back of cruelty to wildlife and an Artist obsessed with the notion of death. Clueless idiots if you ask me, just goes to prove Armstrong is nothing but a celebrity obsessed cretin. Man might know how to ride a bike but is nothing but a texas redneck underneath

That’s harsh as to the motivations and characterizations. Note that the dead butterfly detail got no play in the States. We noticed it in articles from the UK and added it to our post. Does Hirst has some greater scheme than “hey made a bike for Lance?” Don’t know.

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