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Met this commuter riding home on Beach Drive, near Alki Beach in Seattle. We talked about his Novara Big Buzz and how he rides it everyday. He dug it and also wished it had a bigger climbing gear and a longer seatpost.



I thought it was called ‘Buzz’ because it was aluminum, but turns out it has a chromoly frame.  Misleading name.

Interesting… i was tempted to buy a buzz for my townie/commuter, but then decided to use a cyclocross bike.

The Buzz line includes different versions. The Buzz V is the chromoly one. I did agree with him that even the large was compact. He was scrunched up.

That’s me on the Buzz and in the trunk when the pic was taken was a longer seatpost, which is now installed.  Weird the post was so short because it is a large frame, I’m 5’11” and not all that leggy. If you buy this bike BE SURE they show you the wheel quick releases that require you to carry a big allen wrench.  You don’t want to flat without one.

The model pictured is actually the Big Buzz which has 700c wheels, disc brakes and an aluminum frame. The Buzz has 26” wheels, disc brakes and an aluminum frame and the Buzz V has 26” wheels, V brakes and a chromoly frame

@ Greg,

That’s right—and it’s the one with the raw finish—each has it’s own Patina.

(I updated my comment and the link).

The model Steve is riding is actually the Big Buzz.  “Big” stands for big wheels since this is the only Buzz model currently (hint hint) aval w/700c wheels.

For clarity sake here’s a quick run down on the Novara Buzz line up:

* Buzz: the first Buzz model (OB) introduced in June 2000. 26” aluminum.
* Big Buzz: joined the family in 2002. 700c aluminum.
* Buzz V: new kid on the block. v stands for v-brake. 26” cromo
* Buzz FlyBy: another new model this year. this one folds. p.s. more on the way ETA summer.

Thanks for riding along-

Steve Gluckman
Novara Bikes

Also see [this video shot](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbIHDN-20eY) at REI’s World HQ where we previewed the Buzz line and Steve Gluckman explained the different models.

Hey, who’s this “Buzz” guy. This is a picture of my brother Steve. No kidding.

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