Cyclists against James Martin

The Internets are a buzz with the English Cycling Twitter community getting after James Martin. The guy is a vocal anti-cyclist character and has been called out by CyclingWeekly, Bradley Wiggins, and Robbie McEwen that I’ve noticed. His site (which is currently not loading) talked about how he snuck up on a group of cyclists in his electric sports car and caused a bunch of them to crash as he buzzed them.

You can join a Facebook Group hating this guy. Gotta love the interwebs.

Here’s the original article that started it all.


The Daily Mail’s pathetic response to the offence that this story created was to remove comments.

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Oh good-gravy.  Maybe there’s a history I’m missing.  Maybe I’m just biased.  Maybe, maybe, maybe, but I fail to see any accuracy in characterizing some one as, “Anti-bicycle”, based on the comments made in the article.  About a car.

There’s no call to ban bikes.  There’s no call to regulate, or otherwise hassle bikes.  This guy’s not delivering a speech to parliament.  He’s not even a transportation guy.  He’s just a fellow human with a different feeling towards bikes than some cyclists have.  So what?

I’ve said a million-times worse on my blog, and there are still others even worse.  Check out this kid.  I did a blog post about this one too here.

They changed the article.

“The Daily Mail has altered the car review, taking out Martin’s line about honking his horn.”

I should have clipped it, but it talked about how he snuck up on the group of riders in his electric supercar and hit the horn right as he was passing them.  The group of cyclists took a tumble into the gutter.

Wow - they REALLY changed that article.  The whole opening was a long diatribe going into how he hate cyclists and their spandex and blah blah blah.

Also see [Fredcast’s interview with Tesla]( and their take on it.

If the allegations of censoring are true, I’ll be very disappointed.  If my defense of the author was predicated upon an article that had been censored, then I hope my withdrawal of that support would come as no surprise.

Ooooh.  That gets me mad.  I don’t wanna see stuff like that censored, I want to see retractions.  How unprofessional if it’s true.  There must be accountability for professional media.

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