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Copenhagen I worked out of Copenhagen a couple years ago. I lived in a hotel downtown and was amazed with the cycling-specific infrastructure the city provided as my bike was my only real means of transportation. reports on an effort in Portland to study cyclists behaviors so that other cities can use the findings to best cater to the needs of cyclists. If the results are anything like Copenhagen I’m all for it.


You only have to visit Copenhagen to see how strong the cycling culture is. It’s really interesting how so many people in Britain are put off cycling as they do feel in intimidated on the roads.

The contrast between cultures in Britain and much of continental Europe is pretty stark (I remember the last time I was in Amsterdam and quickly found out that bikes were the kings of the road). Things are changing, slowly, as the government is pushing schemes like cycle to work. An initiative that is hopefully going to get employers and employees to recognise the benefits of bikes over cars for transportation (not to mention fun).
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Looks like heaven, but I sure hope those blue sections aren’t as slippy in the rain as normal painted stripes are…

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