CX = (30min racing) + (2hrs cleaning) + (laundry)

vs. the Filth 2

Magnuson Park had a lot of grass build up on the bike, while Enumclaw varied from clay to soup. I ran spike on my Sidis at Enumclaw, which led to discovering an innovative way to hang the shoes to dry.

How to hang cyclocross shoes 1

How to hang cyclocross shoes 3

How to hang cyclocross shoes 0

It took close to 2hrs to clean/tune/lube my bike and Lil’ Ryan’s, plus laundry. After washing my shoes in running water, I hung them while cleaning the bikes, then set them in front of a floor fan overnight to finish drying.

I had to wash 2 days of cyclocross kit in 2 cycles to get rid of the mud, sand, and grass.


You should see the mud porn from my housemate’s two downhill runs last weekend. It’s been a long wait for anyone else to use the washing machine again after 11 minutes of racing.

Are those spikes a standard item?  Or do you make them out of something else?  (I could have used some at Magnuson…)

i chose not to run the spikes at Magnuson since there was no run up, but anyways Sidi sells the spikes for about $15-16 for a set of 4.  i’m told that some running spikes at least do not fit Sidi shoes.

This is what they call “The Race After the Race”. It really sucks on double race weekends, when you’re trying to clean everything up, get your clothes and stuff sorted at the same time that you’re trying to feed yourself and try and get rested before the next day of racing.

actually, saturday i ate a P&B sammich at 0700, went straight to work after the race and didn’t get to eat again until 1630….i was feeling pretty shitty by then and i almost didn’t race on sunday.  glad i did though (even though the cleaning was horrendous)

And why you have two racing kits.

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