Custom Bicycles A Passionate Pursuit

Custom Bicycles A Passionate Pursuit is a coffee-table book that spans the globe with images of custom bicycles. Page 82 features the Bike Hugger Hotspur that was handbuilt by Bill Davidson. The Calfee bullhorn bike is in the book and more from all the builders you know and those maybe you don’t.


The book is available for pre-order on Read more about the Hotspur and the thinking behind the design in this post from Mark V. Also see the Hotspur tag.


Win this book! You’ve found a checkpoint for the 2nd Virtual Alleycat.

Contest details at

Next Checkpoint:

Check in here, take a look around and race to the next checkpoint.

checking in, and hugging my bike (well, in my head—she’s down in the parking garage at the moment.)

Checking in. Been a bike hugger for a while now.

Dudeonabike has been overtaken by kit—dudeonabike wiped out due to work….but the wounds are healing just fine, may be back in the race by later today….

Btw, love the blog and the twitter posts.  I’m dudeonabike there.


Checking in.


Love BikeHugger. It’s always on my “read every morning before work” list!

Moving On..

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