Crazy Bike Inventions

At our next Mobile Social, we’re considering lots of fun bike things to do – [maybe a Bowie v. Prince theme]( –) or something like riding the craziest bike inventions we can find …

That’s super crazy, but I think this butt-to-butt tandem is even crazier than the face-to-face tandem. The best idea though is possibly this breast-power one, modified to power your bike lights. And there’s always the lawnmower bikes.

What’s the craziest bike invention you’ve ever seen?

Don’t give away your secret plans to rule bike culture, but maybe you’ve even got a great/crazy idea? And by coincidence, Wired just ran a similar post. Oddly claiming that a CVT was “wacky.”


The Bowie vs. Prince ride was awesome (I rode in it while in Portland)

One video short you’ll love is this one, it is a sequel to the 10K viewed Bike Box earlier this year - take a gander:

Nice. And which side did you choose? Bowie or Prince?

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