Crazy Bike Chick says, “hey, Motorists!”

When she’s not cycling, adventuring, knitting, cooking, and ranting, the crazy biker chick blogs and has some words for motorists.

I ride my bike year-round as my main means of transportation. My bike is not a toy. I don’t aspire to be Lance Armstrong. I’m not too poor to afford a car. I choose a bicycle because its healthier for me, and healthier for the city I live in. I’m not riding in the middle of the lane to slow you down or thwart you. I’m just trying to do the same thing as you - get from point A to point B safely.


Thanks to Crazy Biker Chick who sums up everyting I think when commuting in Seattle.  Well, there is one more think I think:  They should put their big gulps back in their SUV cup holders and try riding a bike once in a while.

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