Coyote Hunt Rabbits

I rode past a coyote hunting rabbits, while the sun broke through black storm clouds. The coyote’s glance reminded me to live outside of the office, not online, or twittering in social networks all the time. The coyote kept running and I pedaled a bit faster.


It started to rain again and the sun was behind the clouds.

I was on the Duwamish and eventually the Green River trail. During that few seconds of eye contact, I thought of the settlements that once lined these rivers. A waterway for Native Americans, the Gold Rush, and now a lazy Bike Path passing large warehouses.

Hunt those rabbits Coyote while I ride on.

Image based on Seattle Coyote uploaded by sweejak.


Been awhile since seeing many Coyotes, lot of hogs and bobcats here near Ft. Worth, once saw two racoons taking on a lone dog just after dusk, what I thought was going to be Coyote fight, what a freaky noise, around 15-20 feet away as I past. Just about two weeks ago I was glady surprised to see two white tail deer within 3-4 miles of new Cowboy stadium, Six Flags and our home. Area’s being developed now, these reminders are even moreso valued.

Freakiest thing I’ve seen is a buzzard eating a black cat while we were in Austin. Spooked me for days and still does. The scene occurred in front of a boarded up house, a few doors down from a Mega Church.

That’s more a Cresent city scene there! Liking to be near that famous cemetary there, I found a site near above mentioned area once when our third, an eight year old was 3…4 were an owl recently took apart a small red tail hawk, all consumed except some feathers & talons. NatureRx

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