Commuting in Alaska, perspective for your winter commutes

Here’s a great post from Bicycle and Icicles, a commuter from Alaska. Like many winter commuters he gets (more than?) his fair share of “are you crazy?” comments when the weather turns bad. He’s got a couple of thoughts actually written down that I find myself thinking weekly:

Riding in the snow might look cold and miserable when seen through a windshield, but I’m one of the few people having fun while commuting at rush hour.

Good to remember, and pretty inspirational for this rain rider here in the temperate North West/Lower 48.


Updated with snow on bikes image from a CNN story on the 20 inches of snow that hit parts of New England (AP PHOTO).


i’ll take 5F over 35F and raining anyday. i say this having biked in both. much more, unfortunately, in the latter.

As a winter commuter in southern Idaho/Northern Utah, I get “crazy” comments on a daily basis, even at my very bike-friendly company.  I get a definite sense of accomplishment when I realize that I am still riding with over a foot of snow laying on the ground. 
I agree with bicycles and Icicles.  I am having fun out there.  Yes the thermometer says it is below zero, but I am working up a sweat and having a good time.  Honestly, isn’t there a certain satisfaction when the big guy in the big diesel truck leans out the window and says ‘What are you, nuts or something?” and you just give him that big old S.E. grin?

Hey, stay warm, and stay upright, enjoy winter!

It’s not Alaska but here are some of my thoughts and tips on winter commuting in DC.

Thanks for the link. It’s always nice to have some extra traffic in my frigid little crevice of the Internet!

It was -5F when I left for work this morning, and I was grumpy because I had to drive today.

I had to cash it in on the way home tonight and hop a bus.  I got about 40 minutes into the ride, and stopped feeling my fingers.  Riding a fixed gear without brakes, with slush on the road, and cars starting to slide…time to call it good enough.

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