Commentary: Make Seattle a world-class biking city

Writing for the Seattle PI, guest columnist Lynne M. Baab hopes, “Seattle continues to encourage bicycling because of the health, environmental and quality of life benefits when lots of people bike,” and shares her experiences in Copenhagen. Her experiences are like many cyclists that travel abroad and discover a different world. We found cities of bikes in Spain and Jason was amazed by Copenhagen and all the bikes of all types, mostly utility. In Santa Barbara, there are cyclists everywhere.

Lynne’s article also stirs up old debates about cars and bikes and roads by cranks on both sides. So, we’ve discussed this before and it’s always a good topic. What does Seattle need to do?


if Seattle become an world-class biking city, car will be decreased naturally.the air become better.

That’s correct and the traffic projections and density is only going to inrease over the next 20 years. Hard choices need to be made now

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