And now for something completely different: Magic Wheel

It’s a skateboard with a wheel bolted on; no it’s a foot scooter; or maybe a block of wood with a caster, a wheel, and a sleek carbon shroud?

Whatever it is, it’s a fun break for today and from le Tour.


How come only one person in that entire video looks stable on that thing. The woman practically looks terrified whenever she is rolling.

Not even the sweet techno beats could calm her fear.

I noticed that every shot was on a downslope, which implies that it’s useless on anything uphill.  The carbon fairing looks suitably swoosh, but the caster wheel is no doubt sourced straight from Ikea. 

I still want to try it though.

By contrast, the camera work on the commercial is surprisingly good.  The tracking shots are steady, and the shots following the guy through the crowd are pretty good.  The extras aren’t staring into the camera lens and are otherwise acting naturally.  The editing isn’t exactly inspiring however.

And it’s got a good beat.

Oh, no, not another product encouraging douchebaggery…

magic wheel, A New Transportation System

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