Colnago C-59 Disc: Changes the Game

C59 Disc

SXSW, Bike Expo, Geek Wire Summit, Taipei Cycle Show, parties, iPad 3… all too much to say on top of, but from Taipei the big news is Colnago’s disc brake road bike. The hydraulics are a game changer.

Proud Ernesto

Photo: Carlton Reid

Still bolt on, but Ernesto’s bike and these Di2/Hydraulic shifters from TRP should strongly indicate what to expect in 2013. Industry Insiders have been telling me about bikes like this for months and we’ll see more integrated forms soon. I hope that the designer from Niner uses his CAD talents on road bikes soon, if he hasn’t already done so.

moots whoa!

Moots whoa!

The problem with mechanical discs has always been that they look like discarded farm equipment or they fell of the Millennium Falcon. Hydraulics will change the road bike game and props to Colnago for making the first play with them.


The brakes on the Colnago are made by Formula, not TRP (Tektro). Alex Colnago explained the development process to me in person yesterday, 6 months in development and they are very pleased with the performace. Formula is an Italian mfr not far from Colnago HQ so it was easy for them to collabo on the projecto. I said “perfect for the Gran Fondo rider” and from the way Alex’s eyes lit up the understanding & agreement was confirmed.

Well separately, there’s the TRP Hywire system that magically appeared today, also as a Di2-compatible system. We’re getting close to the day where the only Shimano/Campy parts you really need to buy are the derailleurs, and lawdy, they’re gonna be expensive.

That SuperSix EVO was looking pretty good until this came along. This is going to be one of the first things I buy if a windfall comes my way.

I also had a chance to look over the TRP Hywire system installed on a Stevens. Very favorable first impression. On the Colnago the F.brake line runs along the exterior of the fork whereas on the Stevens it is integrated inside the fork leg. Functionally both systems had great lever feel but personally I find the aesthetics of the internal routing much more appealing. Either way I’m excited to see the continued development. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to ride either bike so I can’t offer an opinion on actual performance.—Steve

@SG good points and to clarify I wasn’t saying the Colnago had TRP brakes, just another indication of the market trends. Guitar Ted shares your observations about the bolt-on discs and when a company commits to discs in their molds at a massive capital expense, then others will follow.

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