Click: The Hershey’s Kiss of Multi-Tools

click%20tool.jpg Lookie at what I got here: a “Click” multi-tool.

It’s tiny, has 2/3/4/5/6mm allen wrenches, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, and a keychain ring. The tools are all chrome-vanadium steel with aluminium sides. Granted, the Click’s size prevents you from being able to hoss on a bolt, but on today’s high-performance bikes there are few bolts that require massive torque (for instance, stems clamping on carbon handlebars). Apart from it’s size and quality of the materials, the best thing about the Click is the $5 retail price.

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Aye, those multitools are great. I have seen them being sold under different names all over the place. In the UK they have the word ‘Newton’ on them and in german ‘Bike Toolz!’ (ewww). One sad thing is that you have to keep 2 number 8 allen wrenchs handy to tighten them up all the time. Still for the price they are great!


I’ve got the “black tool” as it’s known and it’s been with me for 15+ years. It’s a Norco multitool, probably a knock-off of something else and it’s doesn’t work all that particularly well, but it has sentimental value. Very much like my campy measuring tape.

Do you have a link for this product?

umm hershey’s kiss?

meaning, small, bite-sized.

got that, was more commenting on the spelling mistake…no biggie

ok, I see that now and corrected it for Mark.

where to buy?  search-fu failing me


I like the tool, but its missing the bottle opener.  My saddle bag has a multi-tool, but after the ride, when I’m in street clothes, I’m more likely in need of opening a beer than adjusting my bike.  :-)

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