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I don’t wear cycling shoes when I commute – carrying a 2nd pair of shoes just to ride my bike seems a bit silly. I’m also just vein enough to really despise running shoes. Unfortunately for me, weak arches demand strong support and ever since they started jacking up the sensitivity on the magnetometers at the airport it’s very hard to find a pair of shoes with a steel shank. Enter the Patagonia Huckleberry – shoes with a steel shank. Not only that: they’ve done some toe-box magic to make it roomy without being boulbous (fits in toe-clips!); there’s a teeny tiny bit of eco-goodness in the shoe construction (30% recycled rubber, etc), and they come in bike hugger approved green.

I wouldn’t mind riding cleated shoes, if I could find something I could reasonably wear through the day and that didn’t look like I’d left the rest of my superhero outfit at home. What are y’all wearing on your rides?


I have 3 pairs of shoes under my desk at work (though I should take one home, they’re sandals and it’s no longer sandal weather). Clips frustrate me at the many many stop lights/stop signs in the 5 miles between home and office, so I stick to cleats. I like the Pearl Izumis I bought this spring in an emergency purchase. They’re the older, cheaper version of these:

Relatively comfy to walk in and relatively cute, too.

Why not just keep a pair of shoes at work and do the Mr. Rogers thing when you get in? That’s what I do.

I wear my road bike shoes, with cleats and leave a pair of sneakers at work.  If you still need pedal versatility,(for your lunch break) you can always get the half clip, half pedal, peddals

I’m diggin my Keen Presidios…. comfy enough to walk in all day, stiff enough to handle the xtracycle (up to say, a 10 mile ride). My totally monster platform pedals help, but for this kind of riding I don’t miss cleat/clips and doodads at all…

PS, the keens are hugger-green, too.

I actually stick with the Sidi MTB shoes at work because they’re the only shoes I own that don’t really bother my plantar facitis. As long as I stick to carpeted areas, I’m golden.

When I’ve worked at places that care about my footwear, I’ve usually stowed a pair of safety-toed Doc Martens under my desk for working around the office and in the data center.

But I’m a freak.

I don’t know about riding without cleats at speed or while climbing.  I’m very fortunate to work at a building with both a locked bike storage room and a full locker room - so I don’t carry shoes with me.

On my route home I have to climb about 400 ft, and wouldn’t want to try that without clipping in.

Right now I’m wearing some Shimano M225’s with the carbon soles.  They get a little uncomfortable on century rides, but when commuting with 2 bags and 20lbs or gear, the rigid sole does make a noticeable improvement.  Also, because of the tread, I can walk into a store/restaurant in them without walking like a duck.

Shoes at work is a good solution, but I actually ride to other destinations from work (the gym). I could definitely make it work, but as it stands I’m a 1 shoe guy from home to work to gym and back.

I’d really like to find some cleated shoes without all the velcro straps. I’ve seen one or two (Cannondale used to make some nice ones), but they seem very out of favor right now.

I’ll start wearing more keens when they quit hurting my feet—the ones I had were to d*mn floppy for me. I liked them lots tho.

Dave—Carrying shoes to the gym is definitely one of the reasons I don’t go to the gym as much as I’d like. The IPs are okay on the elliptical and for some strength training, but I wouldn’t use the treadmill in them.

Simple, Vans, Birkenstock clogs, Sidi MTB shoes, and Sidi Road shoes, depending on which bike, what destination, etc. etc.

My commute though is 10-20 steps from the bedroom to the office. If I’m adventurous I head downstairs for breakfast.

Nike Outlet hiking shoes and a pair of Shimano Adamas platform pedals.  I’m a one-shoe guy, at least when I commute.

As a size 48, it’s a tad conspicuous to wear shoes visible from space, and more than a bit uncomfortable to walk around with a rigid sole.  And that sound… recessed cleat or not… over all the tile in the skyways downtown… fahgettaboutit.

I wear a pair of Nike Frees when I ride and just carry my “work” shoes in my bag.  They’re super light and breathe really well.

i second the slip-on vans. wear them on your bike, wear them out to dinner. perfect! =)

The nice thing about the huckleberries is that they’re supportive enough for me to do weights at the gym.

I wear Adidas El Moro IIIs (SPD) because they make ‘em huge (size 49) and I like the connection to the bike.  I keep dress shoes at work along with a belt, which I change into each day after padding in socks up to the office, and spare socks and a tie, which are the things I am most likely to forget.  We won’t mention underwear.  I use Shimano M324 pedals which are SPD on one side and platform on the other so I am not required to wear cycling shoes just to ride short distances, e.g., at lunch.  Not saying this is the answer for everyone of course but it works well for me.

I ride in a pair of the canondale no-velcro-lace-up type of spd shoes(which I really like), and carry a pair of Sanuk Donny’s for work. I work in a REALLY relaxed environment, so it’s not a big deal if I went around barefoot! The Donny’s are more for grabin’ lunch…and they feel incredible after pulling of my pedaling shoes!

I have to say that the Patagonia shoes just don’t seem like a good idea to me. They are too thick. I do like the stiff sole aspect though. Sambas and Vans are popular with the fixed gear people.

I recently bought a pair of Specialized Tahoe’s after wearing out pair of Performace over the last decade.  I love the Tahoe’s.  They are comfortable enough to wear all day, although I have a second pair of shoes, they fit in my rain covers unlike most regular shoes and they look ok.  I mated them with a pair of egg beaters which have a very low profile cleat, so no click click and they are easy to get in and out of.

My 2 cents

I wear the Shimano MT20’s everywhere I go on my bike. They’re great because they look just like regular, lace-up shoes but fit my Eggbeater cleats. They’re very comfortable and durable too. I’ve gotten so used to riding clipless now that I can’t imagine riding a bike without it.

sorry but the Shiman MT20s do not look like regular lace up shoes. They, like all other cleated shoes, look goofy. imo :)

I’ve been thinking about modifying the sole of some older shoes that I like to allow for a cleat. Anyone ever try such tomfoolery?

Would probably lose some of the stiffness, but retain some reasonable style…

exacto knife anyone?

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