City bikes gaining popularity with (celebrity) parents and kids

There are a lot of things to like in this photo: New Orleans, single speed city bikes, urban cycling, many (3!) kids in tow, and the fact that Brad Pitt seems to have adopted my habit of sticking ones tongue out when hauling a heavy load. Most of all I’m encouraged that cycling culture can get a bit of a plug from the celebrities of the day.

Too bad about the helmets though. Maybe the Pitt-Jolies can use a bit of their celebri-clout to engender more stylish helmets in the future. Links back to where the story came from (thanks Reno-Rambler!). I blame the Ibob folks (background reading on the Bobs) for pointing me in the right direction.


Has no one taught Bradjolina how to properly tension a chain?

Why would they need helmets? They’re probably going no faster than walking/jogging speed and personally I’d rather see them endorsing cycling as a normal form of transport instead of something you need to pad up for.

I have to agree with Shaun. It is great he is not wearing a helmet. Showing that cycling is something anyone can do with no special equipment.

Great pic.  It’s fun to see a family out for a ride in the city.  I wish I saw more of that in DC.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can feel safe cycling in traffic without a helmet, like they do in Holland. Until then you can color me dorkily padded.

But yeah, I love seeing families out on bikes, that’s pretty much the reason I posted this one.

Hmmm, this post seems vaguely familiar.

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