Charge your iPod with your bike

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This is freakin’ genius. Dahon will introduce the BioLogic FreeCharge, a device that connects to any dyno hub on the market to charge your iPod, iPhone, GPS unit, or other small electronic item through a USB port. The BioLogic FreeCharge siphons off juice from your generator hub into a high-capacity battery, which in turn supplies steady current to your electro widget. Thus the FreeCharge protects your electronics from the wildly variable output of the dyno hub. The FreeCharge uses a silicon casing to secure the unit to the bike and provide sealing to the charger.

An iPhone takes about 3hrs to reach full charge, so it’s not like you could fully charge it while on your lunch break, but the BioLogic FreeCharge would allow you to fully use your device all the time while you ride. I could see how the FreeCharge would be the item to have for touring riders next year. And Dahon will include this item standard on two bikes, the Ios XL and the Speed TR. I imagine stepping out of an airport or train station, unfolding my bike and popping my iPhone onto the FreeCharge so I can continuously use the GPS ap without killing the battery.

The BioLogic FreeCharge will be also be available as a separate unit for about $99 next March.


I met a guy on the RAPSODY ride who had a $17 solar panel on his back rack bag. He used this to charge a water bottle battery. He bought a rechargeable drill from Harbor Freight for $20, cut the battery off, threw away the drill, and mounted the battery in the water bottle. He was running a huge LED rear light (probably off a school bus since he’s a school bus mechanic). I suppose you could run all sorts of things that way. Wanna see the bike setup? I can send a photo. It’s a custom Houle road bike. School bus yellow. I think the owner painted his own frame and carved his own lugs.

There’s an Australian implementation of this already on the market, works with any AC dynamo as long as it can provide 6V/3W.

It also has a solar panel and comes in various mAH capacities.

Also see [the Sycons](, AKA the DJs of the Sun. They were with us at SXSW. We’ve also seen home-made chargers, but I don’t think anything this dialed in and accessible.

Sheer genius… 2.5 years ago, by Motorola:

It’s a great idea though, whoever brings it to common knowledge.

That’s right and that was at CES. If you’ve followed us for very long, we attended many [Intel Developer Forums]( with an eye to Mobile technology on bikes (also related to the Mobile Social events we do). Check our posts tagged with [Mobility]( Also see this [Ultra Mobile Bike Devices]( and [Bicycle HiFi](

See also if you want a charger that sets up easily without a hub generator.  I didn’t want a hub gen because I didn’t want to have to modify my bike.

May I see the bike with the solar panel on his back rack bag. That sounds really interesting.

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