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celeste%20things.jpg The oldest bike in my stable is a 1996 Bianchi EL/OS. I had a lot of luck with that bike. During some hard times I sold the bike, only to buy it back a couple years later. As much as that distinctive aqua colour known as “celeste” has been associated with the Milanese company founded by Eduoardo Bianchi in 1885, so too has celeste become inextricably linked to cycling in my mind.

Bianchi the company was owned by the Piaggio company for a number of years. And Piaggio of course created the Vespa motorscooter. I don’t really have a need for a motor vehicle in my life, but I still kinda want a celeste Vespa. One of the newer models; the old 2-stroke classics are too stinky for me…



My name is Megan Peterson, and I work at an Internet map-content start-up company in Boulder, Colorado.  I just perused your blog. In general, we’re trying to bring information about biking locations (among other interests like art, birding, hiking, etc.) onto the Internet (Google maps, for example) as well as onto GPS devices and in-car navigation units. Our initial focus is on the US & UK.  Our site will be structured and dynamic, driven by our users who will create and edit content (like a Wikipedia page).  Also, our site will be free to all users, registered or not.

I’m very interested in having you participate in our closed site review occurring in several weeks.  Essentially, we’d give you login information, have you create a user profile, peruse the site (i.e. the biking locations), and give us detailed feedback.  Also, we will enable you to invite others who may be interested in our site.

Ideally, you enjoy and contribute to our site, and blog about it.  We’re hoping this is something you’d be interested in. 

Thanks for your time. Please feel free to email me with any questions.  I look forward to your response.


Megan Peterson
Marketing Specialist

I have no need for a Vespa, and I don’t want to be mistaken for a hipster…but DAMN I would totally go for a celeste-painted one!  It would go nicely with my 1983 Bianchi (I’m the original owner).

I also do not need a Vespa but the color is sharp.  I own a 1994 steel Bianchi lugged and a steel lugged cross bike by Bianchi.  Love the celeste color.

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