Cascade gets Competitive (sort of)

Reading about Cascade’s High Pass Challenge and the related High Performance Cycling group, I thought that has all the elements of a bike race, ‘cept they don’t call it a race.

The HPC is for the Cascade cyclist that wants to “ride fast, hard, far, and climb hills.” The High Pass challenge is an epic ride and whether they call it racing or not, you can bet cyclists are thinking right now of how to win it, place, set a personal best, or drop that dude that’s dangling just behind them and doesn’t take a pull.

As with the daily commuter challenges I’m not sure why they just don’t get kitted up and line up at a race – well they do have all those STP jackets; that counts as a kit. Whether a cyclist is kitted up, lining up at an race, or setting a personal best down Alaskan Way, it’s in our nature to compete. Lots of cyclists passed us with a gleam in their eye during the Tour de Blast (you can see it in the video) and I’m sure a peloton will form during the High Pass Challenge and that’s cool.

Maybe some of those recreational cyclists will get in touch with their inner racer and attend a WSBA event or OBRA. Whatever we call it, enthusiastic cycling is good for the community.


Since they stopped timing the RAMROD we’ve gotten away from the mass-start races like this.  I say bring the “Grand-Fondo” to the states.  Mass start events loosely framed as a touring race.  I’d love to see one up and over the North Cascades Highway.  There is no better road in Washington to ride.

oooh, yes, a Grand Fondo; dude, maybe we should do the hugga fondue!

Haha! Thanks for the enthusiastic referral. I think there are some extra hoops to jump and bureaucracy to navigate if a cycling event is to be “officially” timed. Regardless of a chip, I always race the person right in front of me. Unless they’re on a MTB, in which case it’s the rider two ahead of me. :-P

of course . . .  descending back into town during the Tour de Blast, we jumped into a train and Pam took a hard pull. The boys we’re concerned about that apparently, as the paced shot up until it all fell apart. Had that been a race, Pam would have completed her job to disrupt the break for the sprinters in the main group.

i’ll be at the high-pass challenge, and i do plan on riding as fast/hard as i can!

somebody’s gotta cross the line first, right?

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