Cargo Bikes Spotted in Portland

I was at a Peets last week in Portland and didn’t get my camera out in time to snap the cargo bike as it rolled past the window (I think the Peets customers were also alarmed that I jumped up so quickly to look at a bike). Todd had tipped me that box bikes were en route and now has the photos and more info.

Also, Marcus reminded me that Seattle has got some cargo bikes as well and Aaron is working on them.


The cargo bike that Chalo, Val, myself, David Wilson and others have started working on can be seen here:

The bike is still just an IDEA, although we have purchased some parts including the front wheel.  We will be using the SRAM Avid Code disc brake.  A 48 spoke rear wheel is a requirement and we may use a Rolhoff, but it will need to be drilled for 48 spokes.  32 just will not hold up!

Is anyone importing Christiana bikes to the USA? These were EVERYWHERE in Denmark, they are fun and easy to ride, and you can even buy an optional electirc assist. We saw parents picking their kids up from school, workers schlepping lumber, moms bringing home groceries—they even have a model designed to carry a wheelchair.

There are actually cargo bikes being manufactured in Portland.

I have to say they are pretty cool.

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