Cargo Bike Jamboree!

On Memorial Day at noon, bring your sport-utiity bikes, longtails, and cargo bikes and meet at the Pike Place Pig for a totally flat ride to Lincoln Park in West Seattle. See the flyer and check the video below.


This ride is for everyone, not just cargo bike riders. We are meeting at the Pike Place market, so if you would like to come and ride your regular bike, but don’t have the cargo space to haul, say a bag of potatoes, go ahead, buy your stuff, and someone will be glad to haul it!

Also any pedestrians that might want to come, we can haul people too!

What is it with all these people not wearing helmets? Preach all you want about one less car on the road, how about one less brain splattered all over the road…

I noticed that as well after I posted. We don’t condone that here and I also regret my [helmet post]( got snarky. We’re about people riding bikes, not preaching to anyone (well, I’d preach to an SUV driver . . .).

It’s interesting that SUB riders are less likely to wear helmets (based on my extremely unscientific and uncontrolled sample). I often hear helmet-less riders I talk to saying that they don’t go fast enough, (and don’t fall frequently enough, I guess) to warrant a helmet.

I really don’t get it. Especially when they seem to require that their kids wear them.

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