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One of the bike travel rules is to never travel with, or limit, the amount of carbon you pack in a case. This bike folds, but we wouldn’t recommend it for travel. The Vellix costs $2600 and weights 15 pounds.


Note: our Dahon Mu EX weighs 20 and the SL weights 18 pounds without any crazy carbon. The Brompton, don’t even weight it, cause it’s iron-age heavy, but whatever.

Do like how it resembles Trek’s Y Bike.


OK my goat is got. We have 20.5 lb. Bromptons on the floor. With fenders and caster wheels so you don’t need to lug them anyway. The “iron age” references you frequently make, I think refer to the machined cast steel clamps? That hold up much better than other materials? The conservatism in Brompton design is what lets us order nearly all replacement parts (or compatible upgrades) for bikes built 15 years ago. As for innovation, did you know that the current proprietary 6-speed transmission (BWR) has the same range as a Nexus 8 at half the weight and higher efficiency? Decent article:

O, and carbon:

Ha! Well I do wonder if themes I write about get noticed. There’s no intent to get anyone’s goat and you can be sure that El Brompto is one of my all-time fav bikes. I wish that Brompton would work on rounding the square edges, less square for the new millennia, and their plastic bash guard (pants protector) seems like an afterthought. That being said, you cannot argue with 20 years of refinement and seconds to fold. Yes, I heart Bromptons; especially mine and I’ve traveled all over with it, including our Mobile Socials.

My point on not bothering to weigh the Brompton is when loaded with a computer and change of clothes to travel on the bus and to a meeting, weight is not the primary concern. If I’m zipping around on errands up and down hills, then weight is a much bigger issue; as well as gear range. I see what goat was got there, but that was not a diss. You’re right to call it out and I’ll explain. The model I have is the Ti-version, flat bar with 2 speeds. (I don’t know what cadence Brompton’s engineers think people spin at in the 00s, but it isn’t 50 rpm . . .). Where weight matters for travel, is when you pack the Brompton in an S&S case that weighs 17 pounds. You quickly get to the weight limit of 50 pounds for domestic travel.

You’re also likely picking up on my insistence that bikes generally should weigh less to get people around better in a variety of terrains. As I’ve noted in other posts, I don’t think product managers look at topographical maps when they spec bikes—they’re primarily concerned with squeezing margins.

All cyclists don’t live in Amsterdam or the valley that Portland sits in.

I’d enthusiastically review the BWR and will be in Portland for back-to-back shows next month and in May. Check our thorough [coverage of Bromptons](/tag/brompton), including [a factory tour](, and most recently [in the Bahamas]( where we shot El Brompto in HD on a beach. That’s some true love, Bro.

Also, very good to hear from you.

Cute folder, righty “fork’ and all, looks like a carbon bootprint waiting to happen. In twenty years time (if any survive that long) people may ask “what were they thinking” And the old Brompton will still be gaining momentum on the downhills!
Great site, by the way:)

What I wonder if Brompton hears input like ours and others that complain about things like their drivetrain parts?

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