Carbon Drive S&S

This belt-driven S&S-coupled bike

S&S Couplings with Belt Drive

folds and packs up like this

Carbon Drive S&S

and then is ready for the bus, subway, train, and/or ferry.

On test soon and on the ride during our Mobile Social @ An Event Apart.


Why aren’t there more Alien-style belt drive bikes.  (Or at least drive-side Aliens.)  Breaking a welded joint with a coupling is a design failure.


Millions of miles have been ridden on coupled bikes, including thousands by me and Mark. I’m not sure what you mean by breaking a welded joint. The coupling is not at the BB.

Not the B&B couplings that have a design purpose, (ease of disassembly), but the Spot-style breakaway dropout coupling.  Is there some other trick that we can’t see? 

It destroys a basic structural integrity of the frame.  It’s in a location where rigidity and strength are paramount.  No?


There are no Spot-style dropout couplings on this bike. It’s a straight-up, S&S coupled bike with a belt drive. When you decouple it, you fold it down, into the bag. It’s much simpler and you’ll see it soon when we review it.

I’m kinda ‘meh’ about belt drives, but I really, REALLY need to get myself a bike with couplers.  Too many trips, with not enough biking around foreign cities. :)


Me either—if you’ve followed our commentary to date we’ve been underwhelmed. I do give the industry credit for trying and innovating. First thing I’ll do with this bike, is soak that drivetrain and ride it up the steepest hill I can find.

Davidson wrote with this comment on the belt-drive configuration

> The frame utilizes the S & S couplings to compact it for packing. The rear dropouts are Paragon sliders. This style dropout although a little cumbersome looking actually speeds packing and re-assembly because you do not have to de-tension the belt to remove the wheel. Belt drives are extremely in need of perfect alignment and tension to function properly. So this dropout allows repeatable tension, alignment and the use of a quick release wheel.

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