Caravan of Schwag in London

From Bike Biz, a pledge from the Mayor of London to give le Tour an “unforgettable send off with” 11 million pieces of schwag. Expect some of that schwag, like the Transport for London bracelets, to find their way onto eBay or at least hanging on a shop wall somewhere. And we’ll check flickr for the photos and the spectating blogs who’ll watch for the Specialized Angel, the Devil, and the el Dope penis graffiti.

michelin14.jpg My fav experiential marketing, as the French call it, in the caravan is the old Michelin Man Moto. I could only find this photo of a kinda crappy model of it, but there’s lots of Flickr photos of the iconic Michelin Man, including this old sign, but not this guy.

So what are you watching for?



I have a pretty solid collection of Credit Lyonais mussette bags that I’ve accumulated over the years.

I use them to carry my kit in my gear bag (keeps shoe velcro from snagging the lycra). 

I’ll be at the start of the Tour tomorrow sporting my Bike Hugger T-shirt and trying my best to collect some of the odd schwag.


That’s excellent! Take photos and send them.

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