Camel Back Bottle

I’d like a bottle that didn’t harm me with nasty chemicals and one that let the water taste like water – too bad the Camel Back Bottle is bulky, doesn’t fit in the hand well, and I know I’m gonna drop it. The nipple action is very good though.

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Bike Hugger:  Bike vs. Car vs. Transit

Please take a look at our newest Streetfilm

This is perhaps one of our best films of all time.  We were the only crew (with five cameras) covering yesterday’s Commuter Challenge, which consisted of a car driver vs. a cyclist vs. a transit rider.

This is surely going to inspire debate.  Please feel free to send around, embed, link to, use, make comments, etc!!


“Nipple Action”

Def an engineering term. I was thinking in early design meetings: Bob, we need more Nipple Action, it’s not strong enough. An even flow is desirable, with no spillage.

I use the lids with my Polar Bottles and am pretty happy.

oooh! That’s a good one, so benefit from the *Strong Nipple Action* on bottles that fits the hand better. Damn, they could offer bottle retrofits. I did find it odd, like they’d never dropped a bottle during a bike ride. The bottles barely fit my cages. I’m sure they spent a gazillion dollars on that design, but missed the whole in the hand part. To their credit, it might have to be that big because of the BPA free material.

Sounds like the bottle for me, then.  I need a large, naturally-heavy bottle for commuting so I don’t have to refill the stupid thing after every trip.  Besides, I drink a lot more coffee on the morning ride than water.

I’ve been using the Zefal Magnum, but its “nipple action” sucks “hind teat”.

Right and that’s probably a mtn focus for them. It is the only bike-specific I’ve ever used that the water didn’t taste like plastic.


I’ve been happily using the “Nalgene Everyday OTG Tritan Bottle”.  No taste, no odor, very tough.  Rigid construction so it’s a pour-into-mouth deal rather than squirt, but works fine for me.  REI has ‘em.

quoting their copy: “Made of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, the bottle is completely BPA-free”

Matt - Do you have a cage that the 32 oz bottle will fit in?  or are you keeping it in a bag or such?

I have (had) one of these… loved the valve, loved how it didn’t flavor my water. Lost the bottle in the last few miles of Ski to Sea this year - it popped right out of my hands, just like you thought it might. I’ll probably replace it with another one, though.

Hey Rob—the Nalgene I have is 22oz and fits very nicely into a standard bottle cage.

I wonder if the cap would fit on the newer Polar bottles.  The valve seems pretty appealing… but not appealing enough to give up cool liquids.

Oh… I guess I should read the comments first—thanks akatsuki!

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