Cadel’s Challenge

Cadel’s Yellow Jersey is definitely an achievement and worthy of praise, but I’m not seeing him as a champion or the patron. Love or hate Lance he was the boss and as Paul Sherwin would say, “he smacked his hand on the table” to let everyone know it.

I don’t expect much table smacking from Cadel and maybe it’s the end of the patron era? If he’s more like Indurain, he’s got to hang on through the mountains and demolish his competitors in the time trial. That seems unlikelly.

What do you think? Does Cadel have it? Can or will he attack? And does the Tour need a patron?

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Just watch - the lad has ‘it’. He’s an Indurain (Lite). His GC competition, if they’re a few seconds in front will be squashed* in the time trial. Menchov the main threat, it will be close like last year… patrons schmatrons… does it really matter if one is a ‘table slapper’ (bad manners I say).

*I am Australian…

Is he a Patron….no.  Just look at the guy, he doesnt have that kind if intensity.  He doesnt have the fire and anger of an Armstrong.  Is it the end of the Patron era….hell no!  Someone will come along at some point in the future and “slam their hand down on the table” its just a matter of time.

Solid time trialing and hanging on in the mountains has always been a good recipe for yellow, so Evans will absolutely win it, plus he’s pretty much my only shot at winning any points in my TdF pool, so I need this one.  Boy, did I get it wrong banking on Soler for 2nd place and KoM.

I do not like the Cobra, or “Ricci Riccardo” as I call him one bit, but if he could shake the race up a little, he might redeem himself just a bit by forcing Evans into a LeMond-type comeback.  I’ll hold out on a total reassessment until he can square off with Contador and Soler, hopefully in next year’s Tour.  Hoping for Chicken to be back is probably too much.

Who cares? This tour is fun to watch. Do we need a daddy to be the boss? I think not.

Go Cadel, Each rider is an individual and the TDF is bigger than any rider. Lance was great to watch but got a bit repetitive and as an Aussie…. Just hold on Cadel do what you need to bring it home, it may not be sexy riding but it’s gutsy you have to give him that.

Sastre will win the Tour…

Cadel is uninspiring. He rides like he is really struggling all the time, with his head on a tilt and his shoulders all tense. However you have to admire the way he continues to plod along with the peleton while some of the more glamorous riders drop off. He doesn’t have the acceleration to burn off challengers and relies on being consistent rather than blowing away the competition as Armstrong did. He was a blubbering mess when presented with the Yellow Jersey the other day. He was so disconbobulated he forgot to shake the hands of the assembled dignitaries. Not a good look at all. He doesn’t have the authority of past GC riders. He needs someone riding behind him with a cattle prod. It won’t be a Silence Lotto rider though as none of them could keep up. I’d say one of the CSC riders will win the tour this year.

Cadel definitely is the man to beat.  It is boring to me when a rider is too dominant, like happened with Armstrong.  I don’t care if the top guy is low key.  I like Riccò’s style on the bike.  He’s too far back, considering his TT skills, but others (Schleck, Menchov, VanManVelde) I think will keep it competitive.  I care about that more than any table slapping.  You don’t need to be mas macho to win.  U just need to shortest time.

I think he can do it, if for no other reason than the fact that he hung on Monday after having crashed on Sunday.  He’s not blowing anyone away, but he’s consistent and he’ll likely kill his nearest competition in the TT.  Maybe Vande Velde will surprise us though and pull out something special on L’Alpe D’Huez.

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