Cadel Does Attack: Reporters

YouTube videos of Cadel attacking … reporters. There’s

and the head butt

We heard about a finger to a reporter, a thrown helmet, but haven’t seen it. Aussies defend him: maybe his shoulder, the pressure, or he’s just an ass.


Thanks Maitre. Phil mentioned his temper and media relations in the tour coverage today, indicating he thought the pressure got to him. For what it’s worth, Lance wasn’t exactly remembered as Mr. Nice Guy, but did know how to handle the media very well.

There’s probably lots of frustration for him as well, being so beat up by CSC and with no teammates in the high mountains. [He said so today](

Should also add, that we don’t “hate Cadel” here or anything. The media covered his antics and we posted with our angle.

No worries DL, the pressure really did get to him (that and having no team around him). CSC rode incredibly well… probably a ‘textbook team race’. Impeccable. (Although I should mention I am guilty of enjoying the Cadel headbutt episode! tsk tsk).

OH Well,
We wait another year for an Australian to win.  Hopefully Cadel will be back next year, with a better team around him, a healed shoulder, a lighter outlook on life and without the annoyance of a reporter tapping him on broken bones in order to get attention.

Well done to Sastre and CSC (especially Stuie). Bring on the Olympics.

PS to any of the media that whine about being abused by Cadel, Stuart O’Grady has made something especially for them:

Sastre deserved the win as he won a stage (toughest mountain stage in fact). The GC winner should win at least one stage as otherwise it seems like a less substantial victory.

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