Bug Labs for Bikes

Bug Labs is up for a Best of CES award for Emerging Technology with their Tinker Toy-related system.

The components could possibly make a bike-related mobile device: there’s built-in WiFi, open source software, and modules including GPS and an Accelerometer/Motion Sensor. Mount it on the bike, track your ride, and blog away.

Question is what would you make for your bike with emerging technology?



I just want a Polar Wireless speed monitor that actually picks up when I start rolling.  I’ve got 2 bikes with them and neither work that well.

Good point . . .  my new Polar 725x adds distance to the display and removes the auto/on and off feature. It’s supposed to counter the always on with zeroing out the non ride time in the coaching software. If that’s true, I can’t tell or find it in the documents or preferences.

Add a mountable camera to the tinker toy set. I’d love to take pictures under certian conditions and link them back to my route map.

They do have a camera module that you can tag with the GPS and upload wirelessly…

Ain’t technology nifty?

Here’s what I want:  A “Commuter’s Black Box”.  I think all the parts are available, so here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Helmet-mounted front and rear wide angle video camera
2. Constantly recording footage written to solid state or some sort of hard drive
3. When stopped, you can “rewind” and start writing over at the beginning
4. Maybe some GPS/Accelerometer data to track exact location/time.

The thought is that you’ll have irrefutable proof of jackass drivers for any incident.  You’ll have license plate numbers, location, time, etc.  All rolled up.  If you have no issues - you just wipe it and start another day.  The coup would be to get police departments to take “Black Box Footage” as grounds for a citizens citation of some sort.  You can report Carpool lane violators - why not angry anti-cyclist drivers?

Atm i am probably going to geek out my bike with a gumstix\1wire setup.

not as pretty as the bug but i think it is more practical for me

that and i intend to hide it somewhere on the bike most of the time.

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