Bridgestone Derivate No 47

Will the bike industry ever stop re-launching Bridgestones? Bike Radar spotted the Mellow Johnny commuter and an astute commenter noted

I’m intrigued by this chainless design …


No chain! It’s a dandy horse!! Now that’s way old school.

(Photo Credit: Trek)


while i love the bridgestone RB1 in my life than most other things in my life, i have to ask:  what exactly, other than the moustache bars, screams BRIDGESTONE!!!! about this bike? 

so it’s made of steel and has classic geometry.  both excellent qualities, yes, but not really something bridgestone was alone in advocating.

also, if this were a true bstone commuter it would have WAAAAAAY more tire clearance and would skip the track ends for dropouts that allow for full fenders.  and Lord Grant wouldn’t ever choose black as a color.

The similar aesthetic, [Bike Radar]( noted in in their post and I picked up on that. Bike Radar even provided a catalog shot of it. You see that Bridgestone style everywhere, notably the 925. Arguably more derivative in the industry is the big manufacturers building bikes that messengers made for themselves from parts bins. That’s an inevitably. The point of the Bridgestone reference is that a company pulled out of the US market, but their designs live on today.

One thing I wondered about with this bike, is if a manufacturer can sell a bike without a rear brake, considering safety and the CPSC?

And, the Dandy Horse is back! In the form of [the Kickbike](

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