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We’ve got a day to spend in Amsterdam en route to Rome and Tuscany.


Tips? You’ve been there?

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Anne Frank House. Rembrandts. See a movie and buy a beer from the concession stand. Lights on canal bridges at night. Gawk enviously at three lanes of traffic in one direction: tram, car, bike.

Wear a helmet and spandex. Maybe even a US Postal jersey.  Just to let them know you are a proud American.

That’s right, I was thinking do it like an ugly american, “the amazing race” style,—all look at me, our economy has tanked, and I’m spending money, exchange rates be damned!

Kidding . .. we’re working on a meetup with Amsterdamize.

I’m still available! :)

Cool, cool. I’ll contact you directly in email. I’m thinking we train in, rent some bikes, and ride around, then get some lunch.

Sounds like a plan. Let me guide you to a good place for lunch.

We’re talking the 5th, right? If so, I could also invite you to brunch/bbq at Workcycles’ anniversary party at their new shop downtown. More than welcome and a fitting location, more bike geeks :).

I hear the coffee shops are something special.  Plenty to choose from….

A few tips, cycling first:

There’s a path past canals and windmills that’s very popular and very fun. The bike store at the main train station (not the one over where the rentals are near the main bike parking is, over to the right near the construction, has some riders/workers who can give directions. If you email me via the address I gave on this comment, I can give you good directions.

Also, if you take one of the ferry’s behind the main train station (I can email the info) there’s some great paths. My wife and I did a beautiful 25+ mile ride through back roads with gorgeous views.

Food: Pancake Bakery at Prinsengracht 191-A. Opens at noon, open until 11. Fan-tastic. My review here:

Savory pancakes are as good as the sweet ones.

If you want great indonesian food (think Dutch East India Tea Company) then head over to Sama Sebo at P Cornelisz Hooftstr 27. Make a reservation if you can, but go there, it’s great.

About the styles there — obviously no one wears a helmet there, except the group of higher-end cyclists you’ll see if you take the ride across the ferry. They went flying by me on my Bike Friday in full-on team colors.

See some Vermeers and some Van goghs.

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