Bionic Drive System: Inertia Bike

Reader nicelook tipped us to this video of an interia bike in action – I’m not sure exactly what the inertia bike does, other than go up and over a grassy knoll a bunch of times.

Is this FTW! or WTF?


Apparently this makes it easy to climb slowly up hills, as long as you don’t mind going the same speed on flats and descents because you’re pulling around a 40kg flywheel.

Right so you think it’s a flywheel v. a stirling engine or a bike built with [Steorn’s Orbo]( or just a guy riding up and over a small hill?

From the same guy there is a short video that shows the system.
The sistem looks quite simple and I don’t see any big flywheel.

Trick or truth?

hi to all,
i update the video with the partial weight of man and bicycle about the two overall idicated weight.
About this, thanks for your suggestion.
There isn’t great flywheel or anti-termodydnamics device .
The transfer of human power via maximum inertial motion is in realty the too natural and efficient.(ex:walk in plane is an inertial motion).
There isn’t limits of training, time, uphill or distance for all, toghether only with personal maximum performance and an impressive state of wellness in complete absence of state of pain.
I think that this is possible, as logic, only with maximum Efficiency.
What you can see is the result of my attempts to achieve it.
For your interest is also possible to see another correlate videos in Happiciency channel in youtube.



Trick or truth?
In a video is possible trhough both.
In reality only one.

the second video made it look alot like some sort of transient energy storage that helps certain spots in the stroke.  if it’s not flywheel, maybe it’s some sort of elastic via the pulley

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