Biologic ReeCharge Case for iPhone and Dynamo Hub

You can charge your iPhone while you ride with this new setup from Biologic. This package just arrived and includes the new ReeCharge Case for iPhone, bracket, and Dynamo Hub. The hub features an on/off toggle to turn off the generator when you don’t need it and reduce friction.

As soon as we get a wheel built to that hub, posts and reports to follow. We’ll also sell these in our store, as soon as they’re available.


Evil, evil, evil idea.  It’s bad enough being a slave to your iPhone while *off* the bike, now you can be a direct slave to it while *on* the bike to?!?!?  Egads…

So, Biologic is going to be selling a dyno-hub? Is it a narrow-size (aka, would it also fit Bromptons and Bike Fridays)?


It’s predicted, and already happening, that cyclists will use their phones as cycling computers.


That’s a Biologic HG hub—The HG stands for Holy Grail because it’s a dynamo hub with frictionless mode and yes they’re selling it. We’ll vend them as soon as we can. In all the Tern announcements last month, this system was in there too. I wrote about using a precursor to it in my post about touring with a Brompton.

This setup is for 700c wheels.

These are the same SP Dynamo hubs from a couple years ago that Velo-Orange is selling, though I’ll bet the Biologic-branded ones will be cheaper.

No, they’re not the “Holy Grail”—they’re extremely heavy (almost double the weight of a SONdelux), and when the generator is on the resistance is more than even the oldest Sanyo-based hubs (they’re the OEM for Shimano, Sturmey, SRAM, etc.). It looks like their next generation hubs at least got the weight down.

I’m not at all a fan of the switchable dynamo idea, but they will be much easier to sell at retail since you won’t have to deal with the customer freaking out about notchiness.

I am very much looking forward to the ReeCharge case, If I can get my hands on one in the next couple weeks for my tour, I won’t have to build a ghetto version in an otterbox :)


The hub is sourced in Taiwan and packaged as Biologic, in relationship to what I’m calling a system. Don’t know specifically what VO sold. HG is Biologic’s term and I’ve got no reason to argue with it. I too didn’t much like the notichiness of the Shimano hub I tried and that comes from my inner roadie. One that wears white booties in the Winter, also does not like roller brakes from Shimano at all. I’ll scale it, but it does not feel heavy in the hand. Also has disc brake mounts. The fit and finish also is good.

Biologic should source SP’s light too, it looks like it might be the first decent generator light from outside of Europe.

The thing with the notchiness is that it’s completely irrelevant in a spinning wheel since the poles all balance out — you can only feel it spinning the axle in your hand. In a quality hub when there’s no current draw it’s no different than a spinning freehub.

Now you can start to feel it when the light or charger or whatever is drawing power and there actually has to be a little resistance. Older model hubs don’t actually sap that much more watts of waste, but they do some of it as vibration that you can feel in the handlebars.

Do you have any clue as to when the ReeCharge cases will begin shipping? It’s really exactly what I’ve wanted for a long time!

Following Todd’s lead from Clever, I spliced the wires on the Reecharge battery pack and light using the Shimano hub on the Brompton. Worked great. You’re right on not noticing it all when the hub is spinning, but differentiation is marketing 101. Our hub does what the other hubs don’t.

I actually own this product.  Do NOT BUY IT.  I am using it on a bike tour from NJ to Key West.  Unfortunately the connector from the battery back to the wire does not stay connected.  Imagine fiddling with a USB connection while traveling 15 mph and trucks are flying by at 50mph.  And they have THE WORST customer service!  I’d love someone to tell me of another product as this is a great idea.


You don’t have this. It’s not in the States yet. You more likely have the previous version and the silicone cover does interfere with the connection—remove it.

Regarding customer service, we work with Biologic daily and have no such issues. Where did you buy what you do have from?

Do they have a generic/android version of this for those of us that refuse to swallow the apple shaped pill?


Not officially yet, but I’d expect one soon.

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